2009 Theme

The theme for ODCSSS 2009 "Technologies for bridging the digital-physical divide: sensing the environment". Each ODCSSS student is engaged in a research project with a faculty member and mentor which provides them an opportunity to experience research. The selection of interns is highly competitive but we encourage anyone interested in research who is eligible to apply.

Odysseus Students of 2007

Odysseus 2007 brought together 24 students from around Ireland, Asia, Europe and the USA:


Eoin Murphy from UCD, Ireland "Glow Tags: The Choice of the Old Generation"

Eoin  is a soon to be 3rd year Computer Science student based in UCD. He has always been interested in computers. His main interests are computer gaming, computers in general, Gaelic football/hurling, reading, etc, etc... Eoin also likes speaking about himself in third person, he has often been accosted by his friends for this. More info on Eoin can be found at www.eoinmurphy.org



David Swords from UCD, Ireland "Memoir (a): Visual life stories for social reminiscence"

David is originally from Walkinstown, Dublin, Ireland and is currently doing his third year of four in University College Dublin. David is pursuing a career in space science and plans to participate in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup in 2008 and also apply for IBM’s Extreme Blue internship. In his spare time, he likes to play with computers, while also watching copious amounts of Sci-Fi, Black Comedy, New Hollywood and Retro movies/shows. He listens to various artists but has no preference in music genre. He also spends time listening too Tech, Web, Science, Paranormal & Weird podcasts. He reads mostly Comics and Graphic Novels from publishers like Dark Horse, Marvel, DC & Vertigo.



Gaurav Chaurasia, A 3D User Interface for Improving Human Memory


Gaurav is a 20 year old student from New Delhi, the capital of India. He is currently a student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi; studying for a B.Tech. in Computer Science. His academic interests include algorithms and semantics. He likes Java, functional languages and loathes C. His favorite hobby is to do nothing, which he has become very proficient at over the years. He enjoys music from all genres. Because of his love for food and crazy sleep cycles, he is often called a 'beast' by his friends.




Gearoid Treasaigh, Developing m-learning assistance for small screen wireless devices

Gearóid is a 21 year old student from Galway. He has just finished his
third year of the BSc in Computer Science in NUI, Galway.  His main
interests are swimming (he is a Lifesaving instructor in his local
pool), reading, and experimenting in creating web sites.



Romain Muller from ESIAL, Nancy - France "Development of a J2MEbased Mobile Daily Activity Reminder System"


Romain is a 21 year old French software engineering student in
ESIAL (France). He has completed his 2nd year and will hopefully start his last year in September. His interests are Judo, Computer
Programming, listening to music and cinema. He spends an awful lot of time tweaking his Linux boxes but has a deep hate for web design!



Hristo Novatchkov, Did I take my medicine?


Hristo Novatchkov was born on 24th of September 1983 in Vienna, Austria
where he is currently living. His nationality and mother tongue is
Bulgarian but he also has excellent German and English and basic French
and Serbo-Croatian language skills. Hristo is a student in Computer
Science, who has finished his Bachelor studies in 2006 and is presently
approaching the end of his Master studies. His hobbies include almost
any kind of sports, especially ball sports like basketball, tennis,
volleyball and soccer. Despite of that he is interested in traveling and
new technologies.




Tim Kersten, Interactive Browsing for a Visual Diary


Tim is bilingual (English & German), originally learned about computers by experimentation, at a basic level: What happens when the "on" button is pressed... This was at the age of 13. Now, he has been actively interested in web development since about seven years, and also displays plenty of enthusiasm in desktop applications. His favourite programming language is python but also knows his way around java, php, html, css and javascript. His major passions are, programming absolutely anything in python, user friendliness, open source software, and all kinds of other cool technology. He's currently going into his 3rd year of college in DIT, Dublin where he's doing a BA in Business Computing. Any time that he's not working or studying, he spends it with his fiance. Of course he enjoys spending time with friends and family too, but it's a busy schedule and there's not always time for everyone. What's most important to him is that he has fun. "You only live once", he says, "so you should be damn sure to enjoy it!"




[Removed per DPC request], Peer-to-Peer Management of Large-Scale Memory Sources



[removed per DPC request]



Nanthana Trakarnratanakul, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Thailand (IAESTE) , Using Multiple Sensors to determine Posture

Nanthana, also known as Jiean, is from Bangkok, Thailand where she obtained a degree in Computer Engineering from King Monkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang(KMITL). Her research interests include Embedded System and Artificial Intelligence. In her spare time she likes to play sports, hang around with friends and play with dogs (her favorite animal). She believes the ODCSSS Programme equipped her with invaluable communication skills as well as expanding her knowledge of computer science.



Jeff Wright from Carleton College, MN - USA "Detecting Important Events using Evolutionary Learning "

Jeff is a Computer Science student at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, USA.  He enjoys programming, hiking, and art.  This summer, Jeff worked on the ODCSSS project "Detecting Important Events Through Evolutionary Learning".  Jeff really enjoyed the ODCSSS program!  He has been happy to meet so many people, and the experience has given him a good look at what the research scene is like. He plans to go on to grad school after graduation, and this internship has given him lots of possible areas to look into: his work on his project, certainly, but it has also been helpful to see all the cool things other students are working on.



Emil Varga from Serbia (IAESTE) "Forget me Not(es)"

Emil Varga is finishing his fourth year of Computer Science and Informatics at the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, University of Belgrade. A year ago he wrote his first academic paper which won the first prize at the international student contest, “Tesla the Never-ending Story” in Belgrade. He still hasn't decided whether to pursue a scientific or a commercial career. His main computer related interests are application design, data mining and computer networks. In his free time he usually goes to gigs, plays percussions or dances salsa.



Lukas Hrazky, Remind me what I promised to do


Lucas was born and educated in the countryside of The Czech Republic, where I also finished my primary and secondary school. He graduated from the High School of Communication Technologies in Prague in 2002 and is currently studying Computer Science at Czech Technical University. During my Studies he also
worked for 2 years as a computer service technician and then as a Java
programmer, a position he still holds on a part-time basis.



Caitlin Lustig, University of Washington, USA , "Reminding Short-Term Memory Sufferers to Complete Routine Tasks"

Caitlin is a 20 year old student from Seattle, WA, in the USA where she lives with her fiancé and cat.  She is entering her 5th year in the University of Washington's Computer Engineering programme with a minor in mathematics.  She likes all genres of metal and progressive rock, anime, video games and table top games, reading, tinkering with electronics, playing chess, cooking, and decorating her little apartment.  In reality, though, she spends most of her time studying and working.



Lu Juncheng, Using Multiple Sensors to Determine Posture


James is studying 3rd year electronic engineering in National University in Maynooth (NUIM). His summer project is “Using Multiple sensors to determine posture”. He works with Prof Alan Seaton (Supervisor) and Mr. Aiden Doherty (Mentor). The main idea of his summer project is finding correct time to measure posture. The main task of the project is classification on different activities.




David Martin, Video Database of Irish Sign Language performed by native Signer


David is a 22 year old 2nd year BSc in Applied Computing student in Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. Before this, he studied Architectural Technology for 2 years. His interests include programming (mostly in Java), networking and anything to do with network devices, and playing console games. He only recently got affiliated with Linux (Ubuntu) and is enjoying it most of the time. His preferred music types are rock, metal and classic rock. When he has time for sports he like badminton, tennis and kicking the football around for fun. He is also a big fan of American baseball where he follows the Chicago Cubs.



Wan Choi Wuen, Wearable Memory Sensing Devices

Rainbow Yuen comes from Hong Kong, a small but international city on the south-east coast of China. She is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She likes to smile a lot and she always makes people happy. She likes swimming but she cannot swim in Dublin as it is raining all the time. She would like to be friends with everybody and she loves having fun especially activities with all the ODCSSS students



Jakub Dostal, from UCD Ireland "Programmer and Prover Memory"


Jakub is a 21 year old UCD student, originally from Czech Republic, entering his third year of a BA in Computer Science and Linguistics in september 2007. His interests include martial arts, cycling, travelling, being lazy, sleeping and reading (mostly sci-fi) books. His life in the world of computers consists mainly of trying to figure out how to use computers as little as possible. When forced to use one, he spends most of the time hacking code and procrastinating on the web.



Olga Murdoch, UCD Ireland , "Stereo imaging and photographic metadata as an aid to information access"

Olga Murdoch is a 24 year old computer science student in UCD. She is
entering her 4th year of study. Her interests include playing with her
4 year old son (Jack), music, programming (but she insists she is not
a geek), reading and socializing.



Nieves Salor Moral


Nieves entered Carlos III Madrid University in the Polytechnic school in 2003 applying for Computer Science Long Degree after being awarded an Excelent Academic Schoolarship as a result of her participation in the Physics’ Olympic Games in Madrid. She is currently set to begin her fifth semester in September. Her research interests include artificial intelligence, databases. She hopes to one day work in one of these areas specializing in management techniques.




Zbigniew Fratczak



Zbigniew, Initialy from Lodz in centre of Poland, is a third year student of Computer Science in the International Faculty of Engineering on Technical University of Lodz. He enjoys traveling, good music and cars. He loves the feeling of satisfaction after solving complicated problems (these do not necessarily have to be connected with programming). He hopes to study for Master Degree in 2009.